Resources (Links)

The Vela Team and our dedicated community are here to help around the clock and around the world. Our experienced Quality Assurance team work with users, moderators, and the design/ development teams to ensure that feedback is implemented, issues are resolved, and features are tested prior to launch.

Below are some of the most common places where users can access all things Vela:

Exchange: Access our perpetuals trading dApp

Support: Contact our staff for assistance in your Vela trading journey Discord: Join the community and engage in the Vela conversation

Telegram: The secondary communication channel for all things Vela

Twitter: Read up on the latest Vela updates and chime in on crypto Twitter

YouTube: Want to learn more about the exchange, developments, and sentiment?

Medium: Read all about upcoming details on the Vela development straight from the team

OpenSea: Participate in Vela's NFT forge and gain access to special Navigator features Crew3: Earn rewards by competing in challenges and achieving the highest score

Trade $VELA on Camelot DEX: Try out our Partner DEX

Treasury: See how the treasury is being managed with transparency

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