Chart Trading


On Chart Trading gives users the power to focus on the chart without the need for sidebar inputs. This is an optional feature that users can enable from the gear icon in the top righthand corner of the screen.

New Positions

On chart trading allows users to take new positions with fewer steps while maintaining the same degree of accuracy and sophistication as traditional input methods. After enabling this feature, the user can input trades with the Quick Order modal, and can further modify their existing positions once toggled with the visibility icon in the Open Positions Dashboard.

Users can also open new Limit/ Stop orders via the '+' icon to the far right of the chart. This allows for a more seamless, integrated trading experience without having to leave the chart.

New Orders

Adding and displaying Take Profit and Stop Loss on a given position has never been more streamlined than with our On Chart Trading feature. Clearly identify orders and set trading goals through the enhanced visualization of open positions. Users can also cancel open orders by clicking on the small 'x' icon to the right of the established trigger price with ease and fewer steps.

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