Gnosis Safe Management

Providing liquidity from your Gnosis Multi Signature (multisig) Safe can be a great opportunity to support your potential earnings as a treasury manager or DAO. In this short guide, we walk you through the steps to connect with Vela Exchange.

Adding the Gnosis Custom App

The Gnosis app offers several ways for you to manage your multisig within 3rd party dApps like Vela Exchange. One method is through our custom integration. This is the easiest method.

Within the left navigation bar you can select 'Apps' and then 'My custom apps' in the top menu, above the app listings.

  1. Click 'Add custom Safe App'

  2. Paste into the Safe App URL field, and then you will see the Vela Exchange app

  3. Consent to the use at your own risk policy if you agree by selecting the checkbox

  4. Click 'Add'

You have now added the custom Vela Exchange app to your Gnosis Safe for future use! When ready, you can click the app to navigate and connect to the exchange.

Using the Vela Exchnage Gnosis App

After you have added the custom app by following the steps outlined above, you must sign a transaction (meeting your Gnosis Safe's signing criteria) in order to connect to Vela Exchange. If your vault has multiple required signers you will need to wait for all mandatory signatures in order to continue.

If this is the first time that you have connected to Vela Exchange, you will be guided through the new user onboarding process, which is a few short steps that offer you a one-time chance to enter a referral code and to setup your account with any initial deposits. Afterwards, you can use the App like a normal user.

If you wish to mint VLP, navigate to the Earn menu and click Staking. From the following screen you will be able to mint/ redeem VLP and stake. You will see a popup modal that prompts you to input the desired amount of collateral to be used for minting VLP.

After entering the amount, you will be asked to sign an approval transaction for the spending of the amount (or unlimited) that you wish to use for minting.

Next, you will be able to resume minting on the Vela Exchange app by clicking the 'Mint' button. You will be required to sign a final transaction to mint the VLP. Afterwards, you may also stake your VLP in order to earn rewards, by clicking the 'Stake VLP' button and approving the spending and executing transactions.


If for some reason the above custom app is not working, or you would like to manage your Gnosis Safe with another solution, we also are compatible with WalletConnect.

  1. Click the 'Connect Account' button from the main screen at

  2. Select the copy button from the top area of the WalletConnect modal

  1. On the main dashboard of your Gnosis Safe, select the WalletConnect icon from the top navigation bar and paste the code from the previous step

  1. Click approve and sign the transaction in your Grosis Safe at your discretion, thenreturn to the Vela Exchange app

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