Pirate's Loot Trading Competition

The inaugural Pirate's Loot trading competition will introduce a special, one-time event that also sets the stage for future trading competitions and leagues.

This limited time trading competition will last from November 13th 8pm UTC to December 13th 8pm UTC and has up to 100,000 $ARB tokens up for grabs.

Traders must participate on the Arbitrum Network to qualify.


The 100,000 $ARB prize pool consists of:

50,000 $ARB for the baseline trading competition

40,000 $ARB unlocked after volume milestones

10,000 $ARB for private guilds [an invite-only system currently in testing for all traders to participate in post-competition]

Rules and Mechanics

Trading Requirements

Traders automatically participate in the competition by opening trades after the start date. Trades created before the start of the competition DO NOT qualify towards the competition metrics.

A minimum volume of 200k is required in order to qualify for either leaderboard.

Standard and 1CT wallets are considered as two separate contestants.

Volume requirements are counted according to the class of asset:

  • Crypto - 1:1 volume

  • Forex - 1:3 volume (3 USDC traded = 1 USDC volume counted)

  • USDT - 1:6 volume (6 USDC traded = 1 USDC volume counted)

Trades must be realized to count towards any leaderboard placements.

Leaderboard Placement

All trades snapshotted between November 13th 8pm UTC and December 13th 8pm UTC count towards both the Profit and Loss (PnL) and Return on Investment (ROI) leaderboard placements.

Traders can qualify for both leaderboards and receive rewards for placing in the top 10 of either leaderboard at the end of the competition, and will be airdropped rewards to the respective wallet address.

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