Platform Overview

Vela Exchange Introduction

Vela Exchange is a community-first, decentralized perpetuals trading platform that empowers users to join the DeFi movement by offering a wide variety of synthetic assets paired with excellent customer support – something typically not found on-chain.

Please review the restricted regions list for accessibility requirements

Trade popular cryptocurrencies on isolated margin as we continue to expand the asset range based on user feedback. Users can provide liquidity, or hone their trading abilities with peers to prepare for our trading competitions.

Why Vela?

The Vela Exchange trading platform provides significant upside over centralized exchanges with fair, equitable access to platform rewards, self-custody of assets, and zero requirement for a centralized clearing house.

While legacy decentralized applications and exchanges continue to deal with high execution costs, low performance, and other trade inefficiencies, Vela Exchange was built as a 'next gen' platform to overcome familiar DEX issues including front-running, slippage, asset limitations, and lack of risk management features.

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