Users can stake their VELA, esVELA, and VLP to earn additional rewards, as well as to gain access to other benefits on the platform. See below to learn more about how staking tokens and the Vela Exchange token economy.


Liquidity provider token that provides holders and stakers with rewards and incentives.

$VLP Contract Address: 0xC5b2D9FDa8A82E8DcECD5e9e6e99b78a9188eB05


The primary utility token of the Vela Exchange ecosystem.

$VELA can be traded on Arbitrum via Camelot DEX (VELA/WETH), Ramses (VELA/ETH), Uniswap V3 (VELA/USDC.e) and TraderJoe (VELA/ETH).

$VELA Contract Address: 0x088cd8f5eF3652623c22D48b1605DCfE860Cd704


The vesting 'escrowed' VELA token variant, which is earned from staking $VELA or $esVELA. It can be vested linearly over 6-months and redeemed 1:1 for $VELA.

$esVELA Contract Address: 0x16535D4768ACD2E26dDd7383F0D811Bdcf61A313


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