Account Setup

Connect Account

Users can setup their new Vela Exchange account by connecting to the application with any of the support wallets.


The very first time that a new user connects to the Vela Exchange, they will be asked for a referral ID.

This is an optional, one-time opportunity to give referral credit to another wallet address, for which they will earn a small portion of fees produced from a referees trading account.

Users are encouraged to create their unique Vela Exchange profile to distinguish themselves on Vela Exchange trading leaderboards.

Users can also opt-in to receive e-mail/ SMS notifications for important position alerts. This is not required and all opt-in data is hosted in secure, encrypted servers hosted by enterprise providers with high uptime and availability.

Alerts and Notifications

Users have the option of receiving trigger notifications via SMS and email by enabling toggle options on the user settings page. Position Notifications toggle must be On in order to receive any push notifications outside of the exchange. Users are then able to choose how they would like to receive those notifications, via email or phone.

Types of Notifications

Margin Call

Condition: Losses are 90% of position collateral

Format: Margin call on [asset amount] [asset] [direction] on [datetime]. Please add collateral or reduce this position to avoid liquidation

Example: Margin call on 1.543575 BTC Long on 2022-11-03 15:35:05. Please add collateral or reduce the position size to avoid liquidation


Condition: losses are 99% of position collateral (99.7% for Forex)

Format: [asset amount] [asset] [direction] liquidated on [datetime]

Example: 1.543575 BTC Long liquidated on 2022-11-03 15:35:05

New Position Created

Condition: a user gets filled on a new position via limit, stop market, stop limit

Format: [asset amount] [asset] [direction] successfully filled at [price] via [open order type] order on [datetime]

Example: 1.543575 BTC Short successfully filled at 20,560.01 via stop market order on 2022-11-03 15:35:05

Existing Position Closed

Condition: a position is closed/partially closed via take profit, stop loss or trailing stop

Format: Successfully closed [closed asset amount] of [asset amount] [asset] [direction] at [price] via [close order type] order on [datetime]

Example: Successfully closed 0.546543 of 1.543575 BTC Short at 19,534.34 via take profit order on 2022-11-03 15:35:05

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