1-Click Trading

1CT uses an exchange wallet in order to simplify the trading process, eliminating the need to sign multiple transactions to complete on chain orders. Additionally, any reduction in fees from staking or NFTs that applies to a standard exchange wallet will also be applied to the user's 1CT Wallet.

Vela Exchange does not have the private key to users' 1CT Wallet. The private keys are not stored on Vela servers and are only generated client side via the associated user exchange wallet. Vela cannot create transactions from the 1CT without user input.

1CT wallets that have been imported into a wallet managing app, such as MetaMask, cannot connect to the Vela Exchange. This is to avoid data corruption and the possibility of creating a second 1CT wallet for the imported 1CT wallet. From the Account Page, users can fund their 1CT wallet with ETH and USDC.

Deposited ETH will be used to automate the on chain orders, speeding up time to entry and eliminating the need to click through wallet confirmations manually. The amount of ETH used will determine how often the 1CT needs to be funded, based on transaction prices and frequency.

After funding the 1CT Wallet, the user may freely switch between their exchange balance and the 1CT Wallet by selecting the wallet dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

In the Account Deposit/ Withdraw Page, users may choose to export their 1CT Private Key. This should only be done by experienced users and the key should never be shared with anyone, for any reason!

Vela Exchange support staff will never ask for this. Do not share it. If a user chooses to copy their private key, the user will be prompted to enter the PIN that was assigned at 1CT Wallet setup.

After successfully entering the appropriate PIN, the private key will be displayed as encrypted text, which users may make the final decision to reveal and copy.

Unfortunately we cannot reset your 1CT PIN, users are solely responsible to manage their own credentials. Vela Exchange operates on the fundamentals of Decentralized Finance, empowering users to take full authority of their assets and information

Exporting a private key is done at a trader's own risk!

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