AstraBit Guide

Interested in leveraging powerful and affordable algorithmic trading bots with your Vela Exchange account? Look no further!

Vela Exchange has partnered with AstraBit to provide automated trading strategies to our users. In just a few simple steps, you'll be able to take advantage of the most powerful features:

  • Earn passive income from 24/7 trading, based on strategies that you choose

  • Copy trade with Vela Master Traders

  • Automated hedging opportunities

Vela Exchange Setup

To get started, follow the step below:

  1. Create your Vela Exchange account using referral code 'ASTRABIT' in order to earn bot trading credits, or use your existing account. Using the referral code is highly recommended in order to gain access to the "freemium" model of AstraBit.

  2. Create a new API key here. This enables AstraBit bots to execute trades via your 1-click Trading (1CT) wallet in a secure fashion.

  3. Create a 1CT account and be sure to fund it by depositing stablecoins and ETH

You should never share your Key ID and API key

AstraBit Account Setup

  1. Visit the AstraBit site to create your account

  1. Enter any referral code in order to earn valuable discounts, or skip this step and continue to the profile information. These steps require minimal personal information and should take less than one minute to complete.

  2. Connect the Vela Exchange API that was created in step 2 here. Afterwards, you should see your account balance on the Dashboard page, which indicates that all steps have been completed successfully!

Bot Recruitment

Now that your Vela Exchange and AstraBit accounts have been setup for automation, it's time to choose which strategies you would like to enable. AstraBit currently offers:

  • Trading bots with verified strategies

  • Copy Trading via their Master Traders program

  • Consolidated

Head to the AstraBit Market to browse their bots and trading strategies. You'll need at least one bot and strategy in order to harness the unlimited potential of automated algorithmic trading on Vela Exchange.

After setting up your bot and strategy, you can complete the checkout process with the credits that you have.

Pro tip: Use the AstraBit referral code to earn credits on all fees paid while trading on Vela Exchange. You can earn your first 30 FREE credits by adding a payment method to your account and using the referral code.

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