Missions & Streaks

Engage in challenging daily and per round Missions in order to amplify your credit-earning potential. Complete a minimum of (2) quests per day in order to start a Streak! There are two main types of Missions: Regular Missions offer simple tasks in exchange for up to 100k credits. Examples include: "Make 5 Trades" or "Trade $10k volume".

High-Stakes Missions test the limits of our most skilled traders in a high-risk, high-reward gambit. These require VELA in order to activate, offering the single largest credit opportunity of the Grand Prix. These missions can also be leveraged to complete daily quests to earn the streak. Examples include: "Profit $250 or more on a single trade" and "Complete $10k volume with a positive PnL".

Streaks give every user a fair chance to earn and present a massive opportunity to amplify your leaderboard ranking. Each day, traders are posed with 5 potential missions; (3) regular and (2) high-stakes. By completing any two of these missions, a streak multiplier is activated.

Earn up to one streak per day, up to a maximum of five. Fail to complete your missions, and your streak count falls each day. You will however retain the highest multiplier achieved. The streak multiplier affects ALL credits you possess.

Mission completion is highly valuable for credit accumulation and streaks, but it is also the sole way to earn “Lucky Tickets”. Each Monday, ALL tickets will be assigned a random prize from the following pool of rewards:

  • 2,500 $ARB tokens

  • 1,250,000 L3X points

  • Free Nitro Boosts

  • 10,000,000 Credits

  • ??? esVELA (from the Nitro Boost/ Missions earnings)

Streaks are also the only way to earn Lucky Tickets; Each trader can earn up to two Lucky Tickets per round by (1) earn one ticket by earning a three day streak, and (2) earn one ticket from a five day streak

Streak CountMultiplierLucky Ticket













Note: Lucky Tickets are reset on Mondays.

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